Support website:http://www.neevn.in

At a very nominal and feasible cost for all automotive and drone segments. To roll on your dreams and bring them without any government or corporate pressures. From initiation to commissioning with regular follow up and QUALITY CONTROL. 

The following services are provided by us
1- Consultancy to set up Dealership and Infrastructure framework along with technical feasibility study in Electric and Hybrid Cars and Drones. We provide office design , do construction and support with REGULAR INSPECTION services to all dealerships in this segment. Valuation and quality work.  Mutual benefit and agreement base only. Please do not call for favor. Fireya works without government or corporate pressures.

2- Ready to own Partnership with New or existing Cars and heavy vehicles companies. Fireya is ready to take dealership. When and where needed within India or South East Asia including countries of Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. To open dealership outlet and run them properly.

3- To supply Drones to Government or to general public of heavy and high range nature. With partnership basis and distribution. The category is of heavy drones only 2 Kgs and above. Range lasting more than 28 minute of flight time.

4- To get Bus, Truck and Construction vehicles ready for Environment. Fabrication of truck, earth farrow and other vehicles in this segment.

To provide regular inspection to these vehicles and dealership for mutual benefit. To opt for regular maintenance. To enhance quality in service providing.

5- To act as representative and consultant for E Vehicles and Hybrid vehicle companies. To improve their strategy and demand in market.

6- To provide profitability study and regular inspection of GODOWNS and DEALERSHIPS of heavy vehicles and drones in this segment.

7- To provide allied services as per www.neevn.in

8- Help search for Dealers and distributors and improve their growth in E VEHICLES and Drones.

9- Sustain the market and improve dealer manufacturer relationship and exit or profit in scenario.

10- Dedicated manpower for E MOTORS and DRONES. Quality Infrastructure provider with profit margins to all E motors and   drones.